The Compliment Box

Long story short:  I’m recording the compliments I receive here, ’cause it’s my blog and I feel like it. Victoria Osteen said we should store away the compliments we receive so we can remind ourselves of the good things when the negative voices in our heads say otherwise.

  • “You give good hugs.” Jacqueline, Adam’s girlfriend following the Ashtanga workshop.
  • “You have an impeccable sense of timing. I wish my timing was that good.” Rei, after I taught my first full class as her mentee.
  • “I never knew you had such a sweet, beautiful voice.” Charles, after he took my Wednesday night community class.
  • “You have the perfect yoga voice.” Student, when I subbed a hot class for Kristina.
  • “You have great teeth!” Neelu last Sunday after she checked my pulse to diagnose my dosha.
  • “You are a goddess and you owned the room.” Rei, after I taught my final practical class for my mentorship with her.
  • “Your prose is really quite fine.” my Advanced Fiction Professor, John Reed.



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