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Fancy Pants

Since I began my yoga practice two years ago, I’ve spent a LOT of time in leggings.  I firmly believe that leggings are NOT pants. Thus, I do not wear them outside of  yoga class. But they’re perfectly acceptable while stretching and breathing through asana, and I think close-fitting clothing allows teachers to better assess your form in a posture.

My usual standby yoga pants are actually running capris from Target, C9 by Champion. I used to pick up a pair every time I went to Target for anything, so I have about 7 pairs, which worked well for me in the past. I’ve got two problems: 1) I now wear those pants to the gym as well and 2) I’m practicing yoga more than ever!  Obviously,  I need more yoga pants.

I’ve been in a heavy print phase lately, so I’ve got my eye on the following cool leggings-as-yoga-pants:

Teeki Clouds hot pant, $59.95 (I actually bought these a few weeks ago and I love ’em.)

Leg Bones Neon Pink  and Starry Night leggings from Black Milk Clothing, $76.60 USD each

“African” leggings from  2020Ave, $14.00

Since I’m kind of on a budget right now– remember, my venture into Mint scared the crap out of me– I’m probably going to wait on the Black Milk leggings.  The company is based in Australia and the shipping is a tad too expensive; just one pair will cost close to $100 in total!  But I think I will treat myself to the 2020 Ave pair, and maybe another pair from Target if I can slip out of work during my lunch break.