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Things They Said

Yankee girls are all fat because they eat too much. You’re solid. That’s why you’re so fat, because all you do is eat and read. Don’t bend over like that, we can all see your breasts. Why are your boobs so big when the rest of you is so small? You’re short and you can’t afford to gain much weight; you’ll look like a house. Did you eat all the ice cream? You wear a size 5 because you’re a MOO MOO MOO. Well, yeah, you could stand to lose a few pounds. You’re overweight, ma. Come here and give me a hug, looking like a Coca-Cola bottle. Put your tits away, slut. No way, you can’t weigh more than me. I don’t know why you’re always complaining, we’re the same size. You have a beautiful shape. You didn’t get those breasts from your mother. You’re too young for your stomach to be that round. You should work out. You’re fat. Your waist is so small; when we get you down a few pounds your body will be crazy. You’re a little neurotic about food. I think you should eat a bit more than salad. Were you planning to stop losing weight any time soon? You’re looking a little thin. You’re all boobs and hair, there is no fat on you. Your body is perfect. You’re more fit than you give yourself credit for. You’re a strong little thing. You’re starting to get track thighs. What happened to you? You’re just so thick. Your ass got bigger, but that’s a good thing. How do you carry those jugs around all day? You’re so tiny, but you have the body of a grown woman. You’ve ballooned back up. Aren’t you gonna go to the gym? Will yoga help you lose weight? Your waist was so tiny. Don’t overindulge in food. You must remain nice and slim. Your belly is too round. Do some sit-ups. You see how slim you were? You’re not fat though; I’ve seen worse.


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