Holding Pattern

holding patterns

they look kinda pretty….


1: the usually oval course flown (as over an airport) by aircraft awaiting clearance especially to land

2: a state of waiting or suspended activity or progress

I’ve been in a weird mood lately (just in case you hadn’t noticed).

I’m feeling pretty…stuck. Across nearly aspects of my life. Career, love life, family.  Even in my practice. I had Eka Pada Koundinyasana and suddenly I can’t do it anymore.

I’m trying to figure out how to get through this. I’m not sure I have the tools to do it on my own.

I just know that, eventually, I would like to land.

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Top That!

Still recovering from a cold that knocked me over last week. Despite my sore lungs, I managed to drag myself to Pure East for a very special workshop this past Saturday.

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That’s Mandy Ingber with her arm around my shoulders.  Yes, that Mandy Ingber, who played Polly in Teen Witch and now teaches yoga to the stars.  I TOOK A CLASS WITH POLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you all forgotten how much I love Teen Witch? Well, you can refresh your memory here.  The class was fun, her signature hybrid of yoga with strength-building moves. I love that she introduced herself to everyone who set foot in the room and asked if we had any issues or injuries she should know about before we began our practice.  I can tell that she’s used to working with private clients because her general class cues were sometimes vague and full of what Laurie calls “throw-away” words. For example, she’d say  “We’re gonna shift into plank” rather than the more direct “Shift into plank.”  HOWEVER, she assisted everyone in the room several times and when she offered individual instruction,  her cues were much more specific and helpful.  She was really sweet and quite hilarious. I would definitely recommend that you catch a class with her in your city if you can!  I’m currently reading her new book, Yogalosophy (which she autographed for me!!!!!!!!!!!!), and I’m thinking about buying one of her dvds.