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Divine Love and My Ever-Shifting Energy

Last Thursday, I attended Laurie’s Vinyasa and Meditation classes. As promised, during meditation, Laurie talked with us to figure out which Sanskrit mantra we most needed; then she used her training as a Reiki healer to read our energy.

The mantra we decided on was “Aham Prema,” translated as “I am divine love.”  This simple mantra means that I am what I seek.  If God is love, and God is in my heart, then that love encompasses my entire being.  By acknowledging this as fact, I can share that love others, and it will naturally flow back to me.  We chose this particular mantra because I was feeling a distinct lack of love– from others, from myself.  It is beautiful and makes me smile whenever I say it. You can listen to Deva Premal’s version of it here.

Laurie guided us into meditation on our mantras. And while we laid on our mats in the dark, eyes closed, she read our energy, one by one. I could feel when she was close to me despite being fairly deep in meditation.  I felt sparks of electricity shooting from my face, and my cheeks moved of their own volition.

After she was done, she told me that my energy had presented itself to her as a spiral, flowing in even circles up and down my sushumna nadi– from my root chakra at the base of my spine, to my crown chakra.  She said it flowed evenly, without interruption. I was surprised to hear this, as I thought my energy would be chugging and heaving its way throughout my body.  She said that, although my mind was obviously heavy, my energy wasn’t. “Something that you’re doing is working.  So keep it up.”

She did warn us, however,  that our energy would not always look the way it looked that night, that it changes and shifts depending on what’s going on in our lives.

I know what’s working is the yoga.

I don’t know if my energy has shifted just yet.

I know I feel anxiety in my emotional body.  Bar results will be released tomorrow.  Which means I’ll probably wake up tomorrow morning with the e-mail waiting for me.

I know I shouldn’t be anxious. What’s done is done.  I was planning to chill tonight– catch up on Y&R and go to bed early. I think I will practice instead.

Aham Prema.


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