Weekly Goals

Goals for this week:

  • practice 4 times (three classes + one at-home practice).
  • GO TO THE GYM! (I went on Tuesday and did an hour of cardio before heading to my regular hot Vinyasa flow class.)
  • Wake up at least once this week and workout before work. (As Jay-Z said, “Not for nothing, never happen…” I get up at 6:20 am every morning and if my alarm goes of before that, I laugh at it and roll over.)
  • Take the stairs up to the 7th floor every day. (I did this for four days straight, then on Thursday my body was weary.)
  • Increase water intake. I currently drink a half gallon of water every day.  I’m starting to feel like that’s not enough.  For this week, I’ll just add another 4 cups of water.  (this wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I’ve found that it’s really easy for me to drink the 8 cups before 3 pm.  Since I’m usually awake for another 8 hours,  I definitely require more water after I leave work, especially if I work out or go to yoga.
  • Finish first assignment for YTT. (Procrastinated out of nervousness.)
  • Buy 2 new yoga towels and yoga pants.
  • Ask 3 people to write letters of recommendation. (Re-thinking applying to graduate school this year.)
  • Practice some of the exercises in “Ask and It is Given.” (I practiced the Wallet Exercise.  It’s interesting. I’m going to keep doing it.)
  • Put away summer clothes and shoes. (Doing that this Friday.)
  • Finally, finally, FINALLY finish reading “Wishcraft.” (No excuse.)
  • Do just one exercise from A Writer’s Workbook. (No excuse for this either.)
  • Get a library card. (Definitely just didn’t have time.)
  • Sign up for Mint.  (scary, scary, scary. I was in a state last night. I knew that I wasn’t bringing in as much money because I joined the pension at my job. I didn’t realize it would have such a huge effect. I’m gonna have to do some serious scrimping and saving to get back to a comfortable financial position.)

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