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What are you afraid to do?


I came across this image yesterday during my daily Pinterest perusals. I’ve been hearing various iterations of this statement for a while now, but didn’t really think about what it meant until last night. Confronting your fears is difficult stuff.  So what am I afraid to do?

  • I’m afraid to move out. I’m afraid I won’t make it on my own and I’ll have to go back to Marvs with my tail hanging.
  • I’m afraid of applying to MFA programs…because I’m afraid of rejection.
  • I’m afraid to lose the weight.
  • I’m afraid of being alone forever but I am also afraid to let anyone get too close to me. Arms distance, always, everyone, even people I love.

Those are the major things.

Will I do them?  Maybe. Possibly. Probably. On my own time.

Baby steps.


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