Poetry, Writing

“You can’t make homes out of human beings…”

I’ve been in a poetry phase lately, so it makes sense that I’ve watched this video no less than 5 times since I discovered it on Friday.

Every word that comes out of Warsan Shire‘s mouth is enthralling.  Every syllable that slips from her pen devastates.

“You are terrifying,
and strange and beautiful
something not everyone knows how to love.”



Today I was on the E train riding back to Queens. It was rush hour.  An Asian lady with her hair pulled back in a pretty chignon looked at me and pointed to her seat. I looked over my shoulder. Maybe there was an elderly woman behind me. No. Just a Guyanese boy with his fitted baseball cap slung backwards.  I looked back at the woman. She mouthed, “You. Do you want to sit?”

Then it dawned on me: She thought I was pregnant.

Yes, I have gained some weight, as I tend to do when I get stressed. I also just came back from Trinidad, where my aunt fed me five square meals a day.  And my Aunt Flo is due in two days, so I’m a bit bloated. But pregnant?????? I joke sometimes about having a food baby…but never has anyone ever taken one look at my belly and immediately assumed I was with child.

I told her I was fine. On second thought, perhaps I shouldn’t have. We were at 34th Street and I ended up standing the whole way. If I were a dishonest person, I would’ve taken her seat gladly, rubbing my faux baby belly with gratitude.

The moral of the story: I’m joining Weight Watchers on Monday.



I have a lot to say in regards to why I started this blog, but I’ll start with the basics.

Breathe: because “Yoga found this basic thing, that breathing is deeper than thinking. If you can change your breathing, you can change your thinking. And once you know the key– that breathing has the key– you can create any climate you want, it is up to you.  It depends on the way you breathe.” — Osho

Write: because author Tananarive Due forced me to admit that I am a damn good writer.

Shine: because I wish to emit the light and love I feel growing within me every day.


I will be back soon.